Enemy is seeking to keep pressure on Iran/ the issue of Palestine has to be kept alive

Enemy is seeking to keep pressure on Iran/ the issue of Palestine has to be kept alive
(Monday, August 20, 2018) 14:23

The Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi emphasized on the issue of Palestine as the always first problem of the Muslim World and condemned US’s intention for keeping economic pressure on Tehran.

The Center of Mosque Studies - The 16th International Conference on World Mosque Day was held by the Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs and presence of Imams and clerics of Tehran at Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in Tehran.

Hujjatul Islam Raeisi, the Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi and prominent preacher of this conference emphasized on the role of mosques as the fort and symbol of resistance for Muslims community.

He mentioned the issue of Al- Aqsa mosque as always first problem of Muslim world and asked for keeping the significance of Al-Aqsa till its liberation from Zionist Regime of Israel.

“The Deal of Century theory is not a new phenomenon. Youth have to know the history of Palestine. They (Zionist Regime and US) want to but some parts of Sina Desert of Egypt by support of Saudi Arabia in order to construct towns for Palestinians. They want to displace and transplant about five million Palestinians to other countries in order to decline the issue of Palestine as the land of all Muslims”, Raeisi said.

The Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi emphasized:” US, GB and they supporters have to know that they are the only losers of this deal.”

He allocated other parts of his words to issue of Iran and regional affairs and said: “Our grand leader believes that no war will be happened against Iran, because enemy’s strategy had had been failed before during eight years of Iran – Iraq war. That’s why they keep pressure on Iran to negotiate in order to decrease the regional penetration of Iran”.

The previous presidency candidate of Iran pointed to internal roots of economic problems of Iran and asked for economic change and development in this country in addition to invite youth to participate in various aspects of the Iranian economic as the best way for challenging US economic pressure.

He criticized secular approach to mosques and condemned intentions for keeping mosques far apart from politics and said: enemy is no longer able to propagate secularism in our community.


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