To achieve prosperity, Muslims should act according to Quran

To achieve prosperity, Muslims should act according to Quran
(Thursday, April 26, 2018) 20:48

Masters, reciters, participants of 35th International Quran Competitions met with Ayatollah Khamenei this morning, April 26, 2018.

The Center of Mosque Studies - Referring to certain Islamic states that reject Muslims yet befriend disbelievers, Ayatollah Khamenei asserted: “If friendly relations are not established among believers and good relations between believers and disbelievers continues, great corruption might occur on Earth.”

As an example of a Muslim nation that is in need of support from other Muslim countries, he reminded the audience of the crises in Yemen: “Today, in Islamic regions, there is much suffering and war, there is so much pressure [on Muslims due to war]; some unwise and ignorant government powers, from our region, ruthlessly attack other countries: they commit horrific crimes against innocent people. You may notice how the people of Yemen suffer today: their weddings become mourning ceremonies, as people in the streets and all over their cities are bombarded.” 

Elaborating on how crises like that in Yemen occur, the Leader of the Revolution added: “This is because we have forgotten to build friendship among believers. We do not comply with the Holy Quran, if we conform to the request of our Quran, we will gain dignity.”

Reaffirming his belief on the necessity of Qur’an to assists Muslims towards establishing good relations with one another Ayatollah Khamenei said: “Today we need the Qur’an [in our lives]; the ideal way for the Islamic societies and the Islamic Ummah to behave is according to the Qur’an.” 

Referring to a Quranic ayat, he added: “In a narration [quoted by a holy Imam (A.S)] we read: "This Qur'an is truly the bond of Allah and the illuminating light.” 

“What is the main characteristic of light? It guides humankind down their chosen path. We own various abilities, including the ability to think and reason; however, without light, these abilities cannot help us,” said Ayatollah Khamenei.

Detailing further the significance of the guiding light, he indicated: “The guiding light is the light that shines from the Holy Qur’an, which can heal all imperfections. We are imperfect, indeed; you witness, today, several Muslim leaders are imperfect to the extent that disbelievers dominate over much of their lands.”

“That the US president blatantly stated, ‘Without our [U.S.] presence, some Arab countries cannot survive, even for a week,’ is an insult for Muslim nations, this notion is like a disease [if they allow it to be],” the Leader of the Islamic Revolution mentioned Trump’s bias opinion as an example of the more severe issues plaguing the lives of Muslims.

Warning others of the damage that such humiliating beliefs inflict upon a society, he proclaimed: “No disease spreads worse than the disease of humiliation, and [spread of the disease] this is due to lack of reliance upon Qur’an: we have forgotten the healing powers of this remedy.” 

Bringing to mind another point in the Qur’an, Ayatollah Khamenei added: “Those who are with Him are harsh against the unbelievers but merciful to one another. You see them bow and prostrate themselves seeking the bounty and pleasure of Allah.” (Quran: 48:29) 

He continued: “These are features of the believers. First, they are strong against disbelievers as they stand before them; then, they are perseverant in their resistance.”  

“Muslims must stand against the bullying of the US and the rest of the world!” the Leader of the Revolution firmly stated.

Ayatollah Khamenei warned Muslims what fate could befall them if they did not act soon, :”If they do not act in this manner [stand up for themselves]; if they do not respect these boundaries: they will fail, they will be corrupted, they will suffer from widespread ignorance; which is, unfortunately, the case for many people today.” 

Offering advice on how Muslims can relieve themselves of such setbacks and imperfections, in regards to what was previously stated, Ayatollah Khamenei suggested: “Listening to the Qur'an; reciting the Qur'an; memorizing [as much as one can of] the Qur'an, reading the Qur'an, and Qur’an based gatherings are all preludes towards understanding the Qur'an; and understanding is the start of following its instructions.” 

Finally, the Leader of the Revolution turned his attention towards the young Iranians in the audience and stated: “You, my dear youth, go towards the Qur'an with the intention of learning the lessons of the Qur'an to apply in your personal lives, social lives, and political lives, and act upon these lessons. If you have this good intention and feel it, the tomorrow of the Islamic world will be much better than its today.”

He assured them: “The United States will not dare plot against and threaten Islamic countries and the Islamic Ummah. Bonding with the Qur'an is equal to bonding with Allah: the bond of Allah keeps you steadfast and eliminates the danger of falling down.”

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