Pres. Rouhani stresses need for unity among Muslims

Pres. Rouhani stresses need for unity among Muslims
(Friday, February 16, 2018) 18:25

Attending Friday Prayers in Indian Hyderabad, Iranian president stressed the need for unity among Muslims in the world against the Zionist Regime and other enemies of Islam.

The Center of Mosque StudiesAs part of three-day visit to India, Iranian president first arrived in Muslim-majority city of Hyderabad in Telangana state. Hassan Rouhani attended this week’s Friday Prayers in Hyderabad was greeted by Indian Muslims warmly.

The Sunni and Shia Muslims of the city welcomed Rouhani’s presence in the religious ceremony, and greeted the Iranian president with slogans like "Welcome Rouhani!" and "Long Live with Iran, Long Live with India."

During the ceremony, Rouhani addressed the prayers and gave Iranians’ best regards to the Indian Muslims, saying the Holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH) stressed unity among his followers everywhere they are.

Also in his remarks, Rouhani stressed that the problems in Islamic world originate from not following the holy prophet’s guidelines.

Iranian President Rouhani and his high-ranking politico-economic delegation arrived in Indian southern city of Hyderabad on Thursday at the official invitation of Indian Prime Minister Modi.


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