Imam Hussain's sacrifices demand promotion of tolerance and brotherhood

Imam Hussain's sacrifices demand promotion of tolerance and brotherhood
(Tuesday, October 4, 2016) 14:37

The sacrifices made by Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions in the Karbala battle demand promotion of tolerance, peace and brotherhood from their followers, said speakers during different gatherings.

We should discourage sectarianism and promote brotherhood, peace and tolerance,” said PML-N leader Iftikhar Chaudhry while addressing a gathering at Mohallah Islampura.

He added that Karbala is a golden chapter in the history of Islam which is worthy of great pride for Muslims.

It also urges the Muslims to follow their principles.

Hazrat Imam Hussain and his colleagues upheld the banner of truth and finally embraced martyrdom in Karbala, he said.

He said, “The month brings us the message of fighting for freedom, facing the tyrannical rulers and rooting out the scourge of immorality and evil from our lives.

”In Dera Ghazi Khan, Muharram congregations have started across the district to mark the sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions at Karbala.

Addressing the congregations held in various locations in district, scholars highlighted the sacrifices of Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions.

They said that Imam Hussain (RA), the grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), and his associates sacrificed their lives for the supremacy of Islam.

They condemned the silence of Islamic countries over the killing of innocent people of Kashmir, adding that the role of Muslim rulers on the Kashmir issue was a shameful.

The district administration has adopted the strict security measures to avoid any terrorism bid.

Security scanner and CCTV cameras have been installed at the central majalis and procession routes.

It has banned the entry of 45 clerics and stopped 13 clerics from delivering speeches.

The step has been taken to maintain law and order during Muharram.

A large number of policemen along with volunteers are checking the mourners outside the entrances of Majalis.

As many as 530 Majalis and 410 processions will be held in next 10 days of Muharram in district while 247 sites have been declared most sensitive for security.

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