Ayatollah Khamenei: Bahrainis are the most oppressed of all

Ayatollah Khamenei: Bahrainis are the most oppressed of all
(Wednesday, August 17, 2016) 14:51

Imam Khamenei asserted his concern on going condition of Bahrain while he promised victory of Bahraini people coming soon.

The Center of Mosque Studies - Imam Khamenei's statements about Bahrain: I am extremely concerned about the situation of Bahrain. The people of Bahrain are being oppressed. Certain promises are made to them but these promises are not kept. The Bahraini nation is an innocent and oppressed nation. Of course any movement that is carried out for the sake of God and is driven by determination, will definitely achieve victory. This is true everywhere and Bahrain is not an exception. Aug 31, 2011

Of course, among the nations the people of Bahrain have been the most oppressed. This is because there has been a news blackout in the world on the issues of Bahrain. According to no human and global logic is their demand illegitimate. Their demand is legitimate, but they have been oppressed. They have been totally ignored by the media and they have even been the target of constant negative propaganda. Of course, this propaganda is futile and by Allah’s favor, the Bahraini people will achieve victory as well. Feb 3,2012

As an obvious example, notice that today all media companies of the world are trying to isolate the people of Bahrain and their movement. What is the reason? The reason is that the issue is a Shia-Sunni issue: they want to foment discord. They want to draw lines and separate Muslims. There is no difference between pious Muslims who have a tendency towards this or that Islamic denomination. Islam is the aspect that all of these denominations have in common. Unity of Islamic Ummah is the aspect that all of them have in common. The secret behind victory and the continuation of the movement is reliance on God, trust in Him and maintaining unity and cohesion. Jan 30, 2012

We expressed our view in a clear way. We were never intimidated by the frown of the so-called powers of the world. We did not pay attention to their frown, and we never will. We announce our righteous position in a clear way. The righteous position is that the people of Bahrain have the right to protest. You can discuss this with any insightful person in the world. Explain their situation to him. Explain the way the oppressed Bahraini people are being governed. Explain what the rulers did to take advantage of this small country. Then see if they condemn the ruling system or not. They are making a mistake: confronting the people is useless. You may pressure the people violently and manage to put down the uprising for a short time, but the uprising will not die out. You will further infuriate the people on a daily basis. One day you will lose control of the situation, and it will be impossible for you to set things right. They are making a mistake. Both the Bahraini government and those who send forces to Bahrain are making a serious mistake. They think they can annihilate a popular movement through these things. April 23, 201

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