Muhammadiyah youth condemn attack on Ahmadi mosque - Indonesia

Muhammadiyah youth condemn attack on Ahmadi mosque - Indonesia
(Tuesday, May 24, 2016) 15:59

The youth organization of Muhammadiyah, the country’s second-largest Islamic organization, has condemned an attack on a mosque owned by an Ahmadi community in Purworejo subdistrict, Ringin Arum district, Kendal regency, Central Java, early Monday.

The Center of Mosques Studies - “Muhammadiyah youth condemn the violence. Whatever the reason, such violence is unacceptable,” said Pemuda Muhammadiyah ( Muhammadiyah Youth ) chairman Dahnil Azhar as reported by on Tuesday.

Theological beliefs must not be used as a reason to create anarchy and therefore the police must investigate the attack thoroughly so that the culprits are prosecuted, Dahnil added.

“I do not share the same beliefs as the Ahmadis, but I believe that they have the same rights as other citizens of Indonesia,” he added.

Al Kautsar mosque, which had been under construction since 2003, was attacked by unidentified people early Monday. No members of the mosque’s congregation were on the premises at the time.

Before the incident, a member of the Ahmadi community said the subdistrict and district heads went to the mosque to warn the congregation not to continue with the construction of the mosque because local residents opposed it.

“Everything was destroyed. The walls of the Koran recital room were torn down, the roof was damaged and Korans were also [torn]," Encep Jamaludin, the iman at the mosque, said as quoted by on Monday. Material losses are estimated at up to Rp 200 million ( US$14,727 ).

The Ahmadi community obtained a land certificate and a building construction permit ( IMB ) in 2003, Encep added.

Meanwhile, Kendal Police chief Adj. Sr. Com. Maulana Hamdan said the police were investigation the case. "Just entrust the matter to [the police] and don't commit any activities that have the potential to hurt any of us," Maulana said.

It was the latest attack against Ahmadiyah community. In the past, similar attacks against the community occurred in many parts in the country, including a deadly one in February 2011, in which three Ahmadis were killed and five others were critically injured after hundreds of locals attacked Ahmadis in Umbulan village, Pandeglang regency, Banten. Ahmadis have also been driven out of towns.  

Meanwhile, National Police chief spokesman Insp. Gen. Boy Raflii Ahmad said the police were investigating the attack. He stressed that the police would focus on catching the people who had taken the law into their own hands.

“The attackers could be accused of committing violence and vandalism,” he added. 

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