Wall stone of historic eastern Turkish mosque stolen

Wall stone of historic eastern Turkish mosque stolen
(Wednesday, February 10, 2016) 10:28

A stone on the wall of a historical mosque in the eastern province of Bitlis has been removed and stolen by treasure hunters, one of whom has since been caught by police.

The 500-year-old Tuğrul Bey Mosque, built by Zal Pasha as part of the Adilcevaz Castle in the 16th century, was targeted by treasure hunters, who thought there was gold in a marked a stone in the front façade of the mosque wall. 

The treasure hunters removed the stone from the wall of the mosque on Feb. 7 and covered up the empty space with briquette before escaping. 

Locals called the police after hearing sounds coming from the mosque and one of the thieves was later caught along with the stolen stone. The stone has now been delivered back to mosque officials. 

In his interrogation, the 68-year-old robber said he stole the stone with three accomplices.

Huriyet, mosque
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