Mosques were effective in victory of the Revolution

Mosques were effective in victory of the Revolution
(Sunday, November 29, 2015) 15:51

According to the Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs, the common meeting between Imams of Tehran and some commanders of Basij were held in Qarchak County of Tehran.

Hujjatul Islam Mohammad Javad Haaj Ali Akbari, the Head of the Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs took his lecture on significance in occasion of the Basij Week and glorified the high dignity of this revolutionary force.

“The Islamic Revolution of Iran was the product of turning back to self. Our people turned back to themselves under leadership of Imam Khomeini and relying on Quran and family of the grand prophet of Islam. Some kind of awakening happened among our people and caused to release our country from US and Israel “Hujjatul Islam Haaj Ali Akbari said.

 Haaj Ali Akbari also described the characteristic of Basij and martyrs and said: 97% of martyrs during Iran-Iraq war were from mosque and the 3% other were belonged to the religious minorities and this is the art of mosque. Desire to Jihad and hope, relying to God to fight against the foe, braveness and zeal, all boils from heart of mosque. Believe that a martyr’s blood is shed on ground, if you find a mosque somewhere. The soul of mosque is fasten to holy blood of martyrs.

He continued: Organizing the domestic and noble Basij is vital to preserve the heritage of the Islamic Revolution
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