Wazir Khan Mosque of Pakistan: Tranquil Beauty

Wazir Khan Mosque of Pakistan: Tranquil Beauty
(Sunday, October 25, 2015) 14:03

Entering the Walled City through the Delhi gate leads to the stunning Wazir Khan Mosque, located at Brass Bazaar Road.

This beautiful structure was built in seven years during the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan’s rule. It is known for its colourful, exquisite exterior made of cut and dressed brick, decorated with glazed tile mosaics.



The presence of Persian art and colourful ceramics makes this a unique piece of Mughal architecture, otherwise known for its use of red brick and marble. The mosque’s distinguishing architectural feature is the use of minarets in each of its four corners — the first time such a design was employed in Lahore. Situated amidst bustling shops, Wazir Khan Square has remained a vibrant commercial district since the construction of the mosque.

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