Iranian Jewish MP: We have to prevent destruction of holy places

Iranian Jewish MP: We have to prevent destruction of holy places
(Monday, October 5, 2015) 06:00

The Jewish representative in the Parliament of Iran asked all believers to stand up against any sauciness to mosques.

According to The Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs, Siamak Moreh Sedqh, the Iranian Jewish MP emphasized on significance of all kinds of temples and said: “All divine temples are the center of God’s attention. There is no difference between church, temple or mosque. All of them are place of worship”



“Mosques are the best element for unity in Muslims World but are fallen into hands of terrorist groups and are going to be destructed”

He continued: “I respect personally to followers of all religions and wish them to be successful. Many of holy places of Muslims, Christians and Jewish people had been under attack and this matter provoked all believers. Unfortunately, today also we are witnessed to destruction of Mosques in Muslims World.”

Senator Moreh Sedgh emphasized on significance of cultural and religious heritages and asserted: “All of us are charged to protect religious holy sites”.

The Jewish minority MP added: “Mosques are holy places for all. This is the duty of believers in all religions to respect Muslims values.”
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