Happy birthday of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)

Happy birthday of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)
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we, the Shiite people of Iran congratulate the birthday of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) to all Muslims in the world, specially Shiite Muslim`who may be his honest followers. let us to introduce the biography and history of our real savior briefly in below:


On the Threshold of the birth of Hazrat Mahdi

hazrat mahdi

In this article, lady Hakimeh, Imam Hadi’s illustrious sister, will be invited during the night of the birth of the last Imam. We shall see the very respectful, kind behavior of lady Hakimeh toward Narguess. In this chapter, the birth of the baby boy and the night prayers of Imam Hassan, along with lady Hakimeh and Narguess herself are narrated.


The night of 14th Sha’ban

Days and nights passed and Narguess was the center of attention in the house of Imamat.  No one was aware yet of the important role of Narguess as the future mother of the Last Savior of the World. The only persons who knew about this, were Imam Hadi, Imam Hassan[pbuh] her husband and the father of the future baby, and his aunt lady Hakimeh.

After the sad days of the Martyrdom of the tenth Imam of the Shiites: Imam Hadi [pbuh], Imam Hassan received the important role of Imamat by the Will of God Almighty while he was only twenty two years old… His wife Narguess was already pregnant. By the Will of GodAlmighty, all the signs of her pregnancy were hidden from everyone, even from lady Hakimeh. She did not know of that, and after ninth months had passed, there were still no sign of a baby in Nar guess’s womb. Finally on Thursday, Sha’ban 14th of the year 255 after Hijrah, Imam Hassan invited his aunt to his house.  In a letter, the Imam wrote:” My beloved aunt! I would like to invite you to come over here for breaking the fast with us. But also because this very night, our God Almighty will finally grant our wishes! In that special night, the beloved baby that all of us have been waiting for His Birth for a long time, will come into this world! God Almighty will thus complete His Blessings to all human beings with the birth of my son!  My aunt! Tonight, the Possessor of Time [Imam Zaman ] will come to earth, and one day He will offer eternal life and perfect justice to the whole world after the dead of the earth.”

Lady Hakimeh went quickly and happily to Imam Hassan’s house and asked him excitedly:”My lord, are you sure that tonight is that special night you were longing for its arrival…? ”

While Imam was smiling, he answered her said:”Of course t I am sure, my aunt! ”

Lady Hakimeh was aware of the details of the life of Narguess and also about the glad tidings of her life, but she asked Imam Hassan once more:”My lord, may my life be offered for you! But… who is the mother of this great child? ”

Imam replied:” Of course Narguess is the mother of my son! ”


The marriage of Imam Hassan Askari

imam zaman

After so many hard days and nights, princess Narguess felt happy finally; Bashar saw with stupor, that she was smiling and kissing the letter written by Imam Hadi.

Bashar asked her astonished:” What are you doing? You do not even know who the writer of this letter is! ”

 Narguess smiled and narrated her life story to him: from the moment the Crosses fell down until her meeting with Hazrate Mahdie Zahra [pbuh] and her husband Imam Hassan [ pbuh] in the realm of dreams.”

Bashar told her curiously: “It is very strange that you are a Roman, but can also speak Arabic so fluently…! “

Narguess smiled and explained:” Yes, because my grandfather loved me very much…  So he was very serious about my studies. He appointed a woman who could speak many languages as my teacher. Therefore, I learned Arabic from the best teacher ever! ”

The greatest and the most blessed news!

The next morning, Bashar and Narguess reached Samera and they went to the house of Imam Hadi. The illustrious Imam welcomed Narguess gracefully and told her with great affection:”Welcome my dear child! Now do you believe in the Majesty and Greatness of Islam, and the honorable behavior of the Ahl-ul-Bayt [The descendants of the venerable Prophet] of the venerable Prophet…? ”

Narguess responded obediently to his lord and said: ”Yabna Rassulollah! [O, Son of the Messenger of Allah!] How can I express all my thought and feelings, whereas you are more wiser and knowledgeable than me in so many ways…? ”

Imam Hadi [pbuh] told her:”My child, I would like to give you a gift… Do you like to receive one thousand dinars, or do like me to announce you a glad tidings that will bring you an eternal honor and dignity? ”

Narguess who had tolerated all the hardships of her long journey and waited only to hear this joyful news answered: ”My lord, with all due honor, I am ready to hear the joyful news. ”

Imam smiled and told her:”My child! Our Holy God will give you a son who will be the Sovereign of all he worlds, from east to west and everything will be under his command! He will bring justice and equity while the earth has already fallen into Tyranny, oppression and injustice! ”

Narguess asked from Imam Hadi:”My lord! Who will be the father of this child? ”

Hazrate Mahdi Hadi responded her:”The father of this child is the same one that our venerable Prophet, on that special night, came into your dream and recited the marriage vows between you and him… While Jesus son of Mary, along with his successor were also there. Do you remember?”

Narguess answered quickly:” Yes of course I remember! How can I forget this sweet and important event?!  That special night when Hazrate Mahdi Zahra came to my dream, and I became converted into Islam with her holy hands. From then on, my husband comes in my dream every night.”



Lady Hakimeh and Lady Narguess

After that conversation, Imam Hadi asked his servant to call his sister, Lady Hakimeh to join them; when she entered the room, Imam Haditold her:” My beloved sister!  Narguess is the one that I had talked about her before… “

Lady Hakimeh welcomed her kindly and embraced her, while pressing her in her arms. Imam Hadi smiled and said:”My good sister! Please, take Narguess with you and teach her the Commandments of Islam, because this sweet and innocent girl is the legitimate wife of my son and also the mother of the last Imam to come...”


Lady Narguess Journey to Iraq

imam zaman

On the way to Baghdad

Bashar Ibn Suleiman was a slave merchant and one of Imam Hadi’s loyal Shiite; he lived near Imam’s house in Samera.

One night Imam Hadi’s servant went to the house of Bashar ad told him that Imam Hadi had summoned him to his house. Bashar went quickly to the house of his beloved Imam and saw that Imam Hadi was talking with his son Imam Hassan and his sister, who was behind a curtain.

Imam Hadi said:” Bashar! You are one of Abu Ayyub Ansari’s trusted sons, and we know that you have accepted our Velayat most obediently, and that you have always believed us in your heart. I am going to let you in a secret: you have to go to Baghdad and buy a female slave from the Salve Market… I would like to tell you that this will bring full joy to your heart, and it will increase your rank in the presence of our Holy God.”


 Beside the river of Tigris

After that private conversation, Imam Hadi wrote a letter in Latin; he then stamped the letter with his special ring and gave it to Bashar. He gave him a yellow purse inside which were two hundred and twenty dinars; he told him that he should travel to Baghdad and in a specific day at noon, be in the riverside of Tigris. He should wait then for the arrival of a merchant’s boat; he should find a man by the name of Amr Ibn Yazid.

He should wait that this slave merchant begin to expose and present his slaves in the Slave Market; after a while, Amr will bring on a young female slave who wears two thick silk dresses; that slave, in contrast with the other slaves, will not let people see her face; and she will moan and cry in the Roman language [Latin] and say:”Oh, Good God…!  I can bear no longer such an insult and such a misery…! “

Suddenly a man from among the people will stand in front of that young slave and will announce:” The purity and the virtuous qualities of this slave, makes me want to buy her; I am ready to give you three hundred dinars to buy your slave…”

But that young slave will respond this man with a fluent Arabic and say:” Even if you were like the Prophet Solomon Ibn Davud and have lots of Djinns around you, my answer would still be “no!” to you! So take pity on your money, and do not waste it vainly! ”

At that moment Amr Ibn Yazid, the slave merchant will say most pitifully:” So what am I supposed to do?! I need to sell you, girl! ”

But the young slave will respond:” Do not hurry… I must find someone who would be good to me. Someone I could trust.”

At that moment, it shall be your turn to go near them and tell them that you have a letter from a nobleman; tell them that your master has described himself in his letter to her, and that he has written that letter in Latin. Then take this letter to the young woman, and let her read it; then tell Amr Ibn Yazid that if the young slave is content and satisfied, you in your turn are ready to purchase her for your master…”


The purchasing of the young slave

With these detailed instructions from his Imam, Bashar Ibn Suleiman went to Baghdad without wasting any more time. He did as he had been told, and found Yazid and his slaves at the right spot; he then waited for his moment…

Bashar Ibn Suleiman was seeing that all the events, according to the description of his lord and Imam Hadi, was realizing piece by piece, just like a puzzle! And when he heard the words of the young slave who told Yazid that he should not hurry too much, he got closer and stood in front of Narguess; he then came to Yazid and announced: ” I have a letter here from a nobleman. My master has described himself in this letter… Please, do give this letter to that slave. If she will be satisfied, I am ready to purchase her for my lord and master.”

When Yazid gave the letter to Narguess, she opened the letter and after having read the first line, she began to cry and said joyfully:” Please!  Sell me at once to this man! Otherwise, I will kill myself…”

Bashar and Yazid talked and negotiated for a few minutes about the price of the slave, and Yazid finally agreed to sell the young woman for two hundred and twenty dinars!  It was exactly the same price that Imam Hadi had given to Bashar. He then purchased Narguess and took her to his rented place in Baghdad.



Meeting with her husband

(Lady Narguess and Imam Hassan Askari)

hazrat mahdi

Narguess woke up the next morning, and remembered clearly her dream; she was so sure that her husband, Imam Hassan[pbuh] will come in her dream to see her during the next night, that she joyfully  repeated her Islamic testimony once again, so as to make sure that everything was henceforth ready for her real meeting with her husband…

 Narguess was sure about her husband’s presence on the very night, in her dream. So she made herself ready to meet Imam Hassan [Pbuh]and went quickly to sleep. In fact, upon entering the realm of dreams, she met her beloved husband and after their greetings to each other she told him:”My beloved husband! Why didn’t you come earlier to see your wife…? Do you know how much I love you and how much pain I suffered from your long absence…? ”

Imam Hassan replied her tenderly:”Oh, my sweet wife! After your conversion to Islam, I promise you that from now on, I will never leave you! And I also promise you that I will come to your dream every night, just to see you…”


Destination: Iraq

One night, Imam Hassan [pbuh ] which was in Narguess’s dream informed her gravely: ”In the near future, your grandfather will prepare a powerful army to fight against the Muslims… He himself will be the Chief Commander of his soldiers.  Narguess…! Listen carefully: you should change your clothes and put on the clothes of a simple slave and incognito, go along with your grandfather’s army… In due time, I shall inform you about what you should do after that. So be aware and wait for my next instructions! “

Narguess did exactly what her husband had ordered him, and dressed like slaves and went along with other slaves who had to accompany her grandfather’s army. In their way to battlefield, some roman sentinels from her grandfather’s army poisoned some of the Muslim soldiers and Narguess got very sad about the future of the unfortunate Muslims. From that special night when Narguess had converted to Islam with the sweet, kind assistance of Hazrat Mahdi Zahra, and even in her way to Iraq, Imam Hassan came to her dreams every night, without exception, and he protected most firmly his young bride from every danger.

 In the House of Imamate

There began, a new chapter in Narguess’s life…

It was truly a difficult journey for the young princess; but the thought of going to her husband, made the hardships of that tiring journey, most pleasurable and a happy one for Narguess. It was the beginning of her new life in the Household of Imamate…


Transferring the Velayat to Hazrat Mahdi (AJ) 

hazrat mahdi

The Archangel, who is the Possessor of the Keys of the Gardens of Paradise, is called Rizwan. He had the honor of washing the holy body of the newborn baby in the Holy Fountain of Kowsar and Salsabil. Then lady Hakimeh washed once again the baby and holds him tightly in her arms and smelled the ethereal perfume of the holy body of the infant boy. She then saw a sentence written on the right forearm of Hazrat Mahdi: it was written:

Justice has come and wrongdoings have vanished forever! Truly wrong, wicked deeds will disappear! ”

Narguess and lady Hakimeh spoke and played for a few minutes with the infant boy, while he was laughing. Then Imam Hassan called on to his aunt and said:” My dear aunt, would you please bring on my son here to me...”

Lady Hakimeh smiled once more at the baby; she then enveloped him in a silk cloth and went to Imam Hassan’s room.  Hazrat Mahdi while in the hands of lady Hakimeh saluted his father.

Imam Hassan replied to his son’s greetings; he then sat him on his own knees and recited the “Azan “on his right ear and the “Iqamah “on his left ear; he finally placed his tongue over the eyes and ears of his baby boy and placed his tongue inside the mouth of his son. This was done because he wanted his son to see, hear and talk justly; and Imam Hassan transferred the pure elixir of his Velayat to his holy son.

After having performed those important acts, Imam Hassan embraced his newborn most tenderly and kissed his son’s hands, feet and face, and pressed him tightly to his chest...

The first words of the newborn

Imam Hassan pampered the face and head of his son tenderly and told him with a fond smile:” O, you the Living Proof of God Almighty! The essence of the Prophets’ difficulties! The last Imam of our Holy God! The Possessor of the shining Return, the shining light from inside the deep oceans! The Successor of pious men and women! The only Light of the all Prophets and Imams, now by God’s will speak up! ”

Hazrat Mahdi spoke and said:”In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate!  Greetings of God Almighty to Muhammad Mustafa, the last Prophet of  God, to Ali Morteza, the Commander of the believers and the father of all Imams! To Fatimah Zahra, the holy mother of all the Imams! To Hassan and Hussein Ibn Ali the two glorious Martyrs and Lords of the all young men of Heaven! To Ali  Ibn’l Hussein, to Muhammad Ibn Ali, to Ja’far Ibn Muhammad, to Moussabne Ja’far, to Ali Ibn Moussa, to Muhammad Ibn Ali, to Ali Ibn Mohammad and to my father Hassan Ibn Ali! “

Hazrat Mahdi prayed then for his companions and for his Shiite followers and then stopped talking.



The happiest event for all the Shiites!

hazrat mahdi

After the birth of Hazrat Mahdi [may God hasten his Apparition!] Imam Hassan wrote a letter to Ahmad Ibn Is’haqe Qomi and said to him:”God Almighty gave me a son and you should keep this joyful news to yourself. We did not unveil this news to anyone, but only to those who are very close to us; and those who have already accepted our Velayat in their hearts. I wanted to tell you this news to make youhappy; I know you will rejoice from this blessed event, just like us!”

The splendid Sun!

In the city of Qom, there lived a famous astrologist. When Ahmad Ibn Is’haq read the news of Hazrat Mahdi’s birth [may God hasten his Apparition!], he summoned this famous astrologist to his house and told him that God had given him a son. He then informed him of the time of the baby’s birth. The astrologist calculated the horoscope of the newborn baby. After studying the horoscope, he declared to Ibn Is’haq:

”My friend! I can truly say that this baby is not yours. He should be the child of a Prophet or a Successor of a Prophet! Because his horoscope showed me that, everything will be under his command! In fact, the entire world, from east to west, and all the deserts and mountains and oceans and mainland will obey him and only him! No one shall remain on earth, but only those who believe in him and accept him as his or her true legitimate Imam! “




Occultation of Imam Mahdi(AJ)

jamkaran mosque

Imam Hassan [pbuh], said:” My dear aunt! Please take Mahdi to his mother. So that she may feed his son. Then do come back here again along with my son. Give Mahdi to his mother and make her happy! For truly God’s Promise is constant and firm! ”

Lady Hakimeh gave the baby to his delighted mother and Hazrat Mahdi with a sweet, innocent smile declared his greetings to his mother. Narguess embraced joyfully his son, and pressed him tightly to her bosom, and smelled his sweet, pure perfume and kissed him a lot. She then began fed him happily.           


Greetings of the servants

 With God Almighty’s Permission, Imam Hassan [pbuh] called some of his faithful, loyal servants that the young Imam knew well of their secrecy. He knew that they will never disclose the news of the infant’s birth to strangers; he called on them to enter the room and be the witnesses of this birth; Imam smiled and said:” Come! Come here and say your greetings to my son; you may also kiss him. Then say that you will entrust him in the Hands of God; and then you may leave.”

After a few minutes, loyal servants who lived in Imam Hassan’s house entered the room. They were very excited and happy that they could offer their greetings to Hazrat Mahdi, and then leave them alone. Imam Hassan said:” My aunt!  Please bring Narguess here to make her farewell with her son…”

She came in the room and made her farewell to her newborn while she was deeply sad…


The green birds

Suddenly a lot of beautiful green birds appeared and embraced Imam Hassan, Hazrat Mahdi, Narguess, lady Hakimeh. Imam Hassan [ pbuh ] said his greetings to them and talked to one of them and then declared:” Please, take my son and protect him until you reach the Presence of God Almighty.”

That same bird took Hazrat Mahdi with itself, and along with its companions left Imam Hassan and his family and flew high above to reach Heaven. Imam Hassan [pbuh] closed his eyes and said:

" My son, I let you in the Hands of Merciful God…! Exactly like what did Moses’s mother…”

After a while, lady Hakimeh asked:”My lord! Who were those birds?” Imam smiled and said:”The one to whom I gave my son was the Archangel Gabriel! The others were the Angels of Blessing who were accompanying Him.”

When Narguess saw that the birds had gone away with his newborn, she started silently to cry. But her husband, Imam Hassan comforted her tenderly and calmly and said:” My sweet wife, do not worry. Soon the Will of God Almighty will give your son back to you, just like theProphet Moses who returned to his mother! Know that no one has the permission of feeding our son, but you! ”



Imam Mahdi (AJ) journey to Empyrean

jamkaran mosque



In the Presence of God Almighty in the Empyrean


When Hazrat Mahdi [may God hasten his Apparition!] soared high up to the sky, two other Archangels took Hazrat Mahdi to the Empyrean.God Almighty from His Glorious Throne spoke to Hazrat Mahdi and announced:” Welcome…! Greetings to thee, my chosen servant!  Thou who art sent down to help My Religion and executing My Commands!  I swore and promised to myself, that by thy hand, I will reprimand, bestow Blessings, torment the wrongdoers and forgive my believers...!

O, My Archangels…! Take My “Chosen servant “with honor and respect to his father! Tell him his son is verily my last Living Proof on earth. Mahdi will be under My Pledge and Protection, until the day I will fulfill an Eternal Justice and Right. I will then destroy the wicked wrongdoers, and all things vain and futile, and make my Last Religion, Eternal and Everlasting through his hands.”



Imam Hasan Askari (AS) words about Imam Mahdi (AJ)

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Imam Hassan [pbuh] declared:” My son, do recite all the Holy Books of the past Prophets! “

Hazrat Mahdi  [ pbuh ] recited then the Book of Ibrahim [ pbuh ] in Syrian; after that Hazrat Mahdi recited the Holy Books of the Prophet Noah,  Idriss,  Salih [ peace be upon them all! ], the Torah of Moses [ pbuh ], the Bible of Jesus [ pbuh ]; and at last, but not the least,  he recited the Holy Qur’an of his forefather Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa, the last Messenger of God, and he told their life stories.”

After his words were finished, Imam Hassan told him:

”My son, you are the Living Proof of God among the people and the nations! You are the Face of God while praying, you are the protected trust of God, you are a memory of one of the branch of the Heavenly Tree called “Touba “! You are the child of “Sidratol Montaha “[The Highest and Holiest Place in God’s Heaven near the Holy Throne of God Almighty].

You are the Successor of virtuous men and women! You are the mine of Mysteries and Secrets of God! You are the memory of the Pure! You are the Final Day of the world! You are the child of the Glorious Names of God Almighty!  You are the child of the Greater Monotheism. You are the Huge and Prominent Veil of God Almighty!

You are the connection link between Earth and Heaven! You are the Face of God Almighty that from the past until the present time, pious men have always been aware of your high rank!

Because of your holy existence, God Almighty sustains His creatures!  Your holy existence on earth is the reason of the survival of the creatures of God Almighty! Your existence is the reason of the constant, firm condition of Earth and Heaven! You are the argument, from among many other arguments of God Almighty!


You are the Safeguard of the believers! You are the Last Savior of the virtuous men. You are the remembrance of the Prophets. You are aware of all Knowledge and Science!

 This here child is the completion of the Signs of God Almighty, and the Traditions of the holy Family of Bani Hashim!

He is the memory of the Light of God! He is the memory of the venerable Prophet! He is the memory of the “Straight Path “of our Holy God! He is the memory of our merciful, clement Prophet! He is from the holy Family who possesses the most eminent, the highest rank and the greatest position in the Presence of God Almighty!

He is the Successor of the Mysteries and Secrets of “ Nobovvatt “ and “ Imamat “ and “ Caliphate “ and “ Velayat “ and “ Leadership “ and “ Purity “ [ Innocence ] and “ Divine Wisdom“.

He is the child of the shining, clear “Ayat “[Signs] and the child of the splendid fourteen stars of Imamat, who govern all the creatures on earth and who know all the Mysteries of the Universe and all the things that are usually hidden to Mankind. They [the Imams] know everything in the mind and hearts of the people and are witnesses of the people’s deeds and actions.

Our Holy Qur’an, which is an obvious, shining Proof, is testifying and approving all these aspects, which belong to them; and that is because the Shiite Imams are the first and the last Masters on earth! They are the possessors of everything and everywhere by the Will of God Almighty!                             

God Almighty has given a little drop from the ocean of our Existence and a shaft from our shining Light and a piece of Knowledge from our Divine, Vast Knowledge to His Prophets! That is because just a unique word from the Glorious Name of Allah was among the Prophets, and they could accomplish so many miracles! While all the seventy words of the Glorious Name of Allah, and also what had been in the possession of the other Prophets, were beside the holy Family of Muhammad [pbuh and his Family]!



 Birth of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) in Sunni Sources


A number of traditions have been narrated from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) of Islam and the truthful Imams of Ahle-bayt (a.s.), regarding the uprising of Qaem-al-Mahdi towards the end of this world and his overthrowing the unjust and tyrant rulers and filling the earth with justice and fair play.

Hence the unjust Abbasi caliphs were very much afraid of the uprising of Qaem al Mahdi, They utilized their entire resources to finish him. Ten years before the birth of Hazrat Mahdi (ATFS), the then caliph called his grandfather Imam Ali Naqi (a.s.) from Medina to capital Samarrah so that a close watch can be made on his family.

In the time of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.), the spies of the government in the forms of doctors midwives and hawkers kept a close watch that im Mahdi-e-Mawood is born he may be immediately killed.

Under these circumstances it was clear that the birth of Imam al Mahdi will be a concealed one like the birth of Hazrat Ibraheem (a.s.) and Hazrat Moosa (a.s.).

The concealed birth of Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) was taken by some people that he is not born rather he will be born later. We would like to produce certain arguments as evidences to show that Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) is already born.

1-A lots of traditions have been narrated by the Holy Prophet of Islam and Ahlul-bait (a.s.) that "Hazrat Qaem" is the ninth son of Imam Hussain (a.s.), eight son of Imam Zainul Abeadeen (a.s.), and the son of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) These types of glad tidings are in plenty. These traditions have been recorded by Shia and Sunni scholars alike in their books and for the truthfulness of these traditions we can, without an iota of doubt say that Imam al Mahdi is already born otherwise their sayings would be counted as false.

2-Imam Hasan Askari himself has said to an Alawi Sayed, Mohammad bin Ali Hamz, "Waliya-e-Khuda and my successor was born on the dawn of 15th Shabaan 255 Hijri".

3-Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) has showed his son Hazrat Hujjat to many of his servants and trusted followers (who are sure not to give the message to the Abbasi Caliph) and they have given wittness to the birth of Hazrat-e-Mahdi (a.s.).

One of the servant of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) Abu Ganim Khadim says, "A son was born to Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.). He named him as Mohammad.

When the child was three days told, Holy Imam showed him to his companions and told them that this child will be your leader and my successor."

Hence, Shias without entertaining a slightest doubt believe that Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) is already born to Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) Their belief on the birth of Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) is as their belief in the birth of Prophet of Islam (s.a.w.a.). As far as Ahle Sunnat are concerned, practically all of them believe in "The reality of Mahdaviyat" but they say that Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) will be born in Akheruz-Zaman.


The writings of these Ahle Sunnat Scholars are centered around this quotation, "Abul Qasim Mohammad bin Askari was born in Samarrah in the year 255A.H. or some other year.

He is the same Mahdi Mawood who is mentioned in reliable and correct Ahle Sunnat traditions and there is not at all any possibility that he may be some other person".


Late Shaikh Najmudden al Askari in the first chapter of his book 'Al Mahdi al Mawood al Muntazar' have mentioned the names of forty Ahle Sunnat Scholars who accepted the birth of Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) Similarly the contemprory scholar Shaikh Lutfullah Safi in his book Muntakabul Asar has mentioned the names of 26 Ahle sunnat Scholars who are of the opinion that Imam al Mahdi is already born.

Here we are quoting 20 narrations for brevity. Those who are intrested in more references they may please refer to following books and also other books written on this topic.

1.Mohammad Ibn Talha Halabi ash Shafaee in his book "Matalibus-Sool fi-Manaqibe Ale Rasool" says, "The twelveth chapter about Abil Qasim Mohammed ibn Hasan------Al Mahdi, The Proof (of Allah), The Caliph, The pious The Awaited----then he was born in Samarraa--till the end of his statement.

And he also says, "Al Mahdi, he is the son of Hasan Askari and he was born in Samarah."-----till the end of the statement.`

2. Mohammed bin Yousof al Ganji shafaee in his book "Al Bayan fi Akhbare Sahibuz zaman, page 336 says, "Surely Mahdi is the son of Hasan Al Askari he is alive, and existing from Ghaibat till now.

3. Mohammed bin Ahmad Maliki famous as Ibn-Sabbagh in his book Fusool-ul-Mohimmah" page 273 Says "Abu Qasim Mohammed Hujjat Ibn-Hasan-e-Askari was born in Samarrah in 255 AH"------till the end.

4. Sibte-Ibn Jauzi-e-Hanafi in his book "Tazkertul Khawas" page 88 (old edition) says. His son (i.e. son of Imam Hasan-e-Askari) is Mohammed who is Imma." Then again he says in the chapter of "Hujjat-al-Mahdi"---"He is Mohammed bin Hasan bin Ali ----- and his Kunniyat is Abul Qasim and he is last Hujjat. The master of time.

The Qaem and Awaited and he is last of the Imam"------till end of the statements.

5. Ahmed bin Hajar Al-Makki in his book Sawaiq-al-Mohreqah page 127, while discussing about Imam Hasan-e-Askari says, "Other than Abul Qasim Mohammed-al-Hujjat he did not have any successor.

And his age at the death of his father was five years and Allah gave him wisdom"------THE END---

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4. Serajuddeen Ar Rafai

Book : Sehaah ul Akhbaar

5. Al Ustaz Behjat Afandi

Book : Muhaakamah

6. Al Hafiz Mohammed bin Mohammed Hanafi Nakshbandi

Book : Faslul Khitab.

7. Sulayman Qonduzi-e-Hanafee

Book : Yanabee ul Mawaddah.

8. Sablanjee-e-Shafaee

Book : Noor ul Absaar.

9. Ibn Khallakaan.

Book : Wafayaat-ul-Ayaan

10. Ibn Khashshab

Book : Tarikh-o-Mawaaleedil Aimmah

11. Abdul Haq Dahlavi.

Book : Risalah -fi- Ahwal-e-Aimmah

12. Mohammed Ameen Baghdadi Sowaidi

Book : Sabaaek-uz-Zahab

The Belief in Mahdaviyat & Sunni Scholars:

In the present times, the worldwide condition of Islam is such that, despite of its being divine and veracious (truthful) religion it is despised by many upto the extent of enmity. The reason being false propaganda and baseless misconceptions.

Same is the conditions of belief in 'Mahdaviyat' in Islamic world. And inspite of it being one of the cardinal beliefs, majority of Muslims consider it as fictitious and fabricated one.

There is a group among them who either willingly or unwillingly accept this belief due to chain of narrations.

But they reject those traditions which is related with the attributes and personality of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.).

Whatsoever misunderstandings regarding the belief in 'Mahdaviyat are there, two groups of scholars are responsible for that. Firstly, if we cast a cursory glance on the history of Muslim rulers and their times we will see there were always be a group of people, who apparently by their attries and traits were scholars but in reality their beliefs and ideologies were that of an ignorant man, their behavior were sufficiently convincing of their sychophancy.

They were those who at times in order to conceal falsehood and at other times to prove the government as a divine government committed every vicious and villanious deed.

Let us call them as "Imitative Scholars", (Since they alwasy imitated the shadow of falsehood).

These scholars went on a spree to propagate against the belief in Mahdaviyat in several ways. Sometimes the traditions related to Mahdaviyat were regarded weak.

Sometimes, they added such a phrase to be relevant and suited the Imposter Mahdi' and in this way, they shatter the very foundation of this belief.

And following in the foot-steps of the same scholars, some recent scholars have rejected the fundamentals of this belief and considered it an absolutely un-Islamic belief, fabricated by Shias.

"The second group of those who reject this belief are those whose thinking have been influenced by materialistic outlook and they breath in the environment of material-ism.

Thus materialism had penetrated even into their beliefs. Consequently, either they reject transcendental and hidden aspects from their base, or they try to mould them into materialistic frame-work.

Leave aside the aspect of Mahdaviyat, they have not even spared the belief in Revelation, Prophethood and above all : Monotheism.........................The only reason being that after accepting the materialistic ideas, it is impossible to believe in transcedental ideas. Since the belief in Mahdaviyat is also a belief in hidden concept and more over to believe that Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) is a mortal like us and though he passes his life amongst us, he is far from our vision.

Hence this belief for materialists is like adding insult to injury.

Thus to relieve themselves from this belief they reject this idea outrightly and refuse to accept the existence of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.). Subsequently, the resufal of first group increases the haughtiness of the second group.

There are innumerable replies to the doubts and baseless notions of both the forementioned groups.

And these doubts themselves are self-contradictoyr and inherantly weak. But it is not possible for us to quote those replies over here.

Interested readers may refer to the books compiled redundently to refute the ideas of skeptics and disbeliever, only through those parameters which are accepted by consensus of Muslims Viz 'Quran and Traditions And in this regard, we will also furnish proofs from some very reliale and trustworthy Quranic exponents and traditionalists of 'Ahl-Sunnat from their very authentic books.

And for the understanding of a layman we will also produce some historical evidences from historys and view points of ancient sunni scholars.

So that the truth becomes manifest and explicit and righteous may be notified from them.


I) The Interpreters of Quran : have mentioned

coutless ayats regarding Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) from Quran. And moreover many books have been complied by the name of "MAHDI IN QURAN". But over here we will confine our discussion to those ayats which, interpreters have related it to Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) by some source or reference.

1) Imam Abu Ishaq Thalabi who is a renown exponent of Quran writes in his exeges in "The ayat of Quran means the war between Quraish and Almawali in which Quranish will emerge victorious realtes to which means the Rulers of Bani Abbas and is letter to Hazrat Mahdi which means! chapter.

7 related from Naeem Ibne Hammad)

2) Imam Abu Ishaq Thalabi writes in the of 9th ayat of sura-kahf which is particular to Ashabe Khaf that Holy Prophet (as) said that : Mahdi (a.s.) will say Salam to Ashabe-Khaf and Ashabe-Kahf will reply to ti And by the order of God will again revert to their condition, and will not rise before Quiyamat (2-Iqdud-Dorar-chapter 7).

3) Muqatil Ibn Sulaiman and his followers regarding the ayat opined that it is concerning the re-appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) Over here refers to (i.e. the hour of re-appearance) of H. Mahdi (a.s.)

4) The author of Nurul-Absaar, Shablanji writes in his book on page no.

188. In the book so tafsir the details of ayat (Sura Zukhruf Ayat) is mentioned as it is pertaining to H. Mahdi (a.s.) who is in the offspring of Janabe-Fatema (a.s.).

Reference : As-Sawaaequl Mohreqa page. 96, Is aafur-Raghebin page. 156, Sura Zukhruf ayat-61).

5) Allama Shahabuddin whos is popularly known as Malakul-Ulamam Shamsuddin Ibn Umar Al-Hindi, who had compiled as tafsir by the name of 'Al-Bahrul Mawaj' writes in his tafsir on the authority of Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari, he quotes a tradition that : Jabir went to meet Janabe-Zahra (a.s.). He saw she is having tablets over which names of Imams were inscribed.

who were from the progeny on H.Fatema (a.s.).........Then name of Zainul-Abedin who is the son of Husain, who is father of nine Imams, then next Imam Mohammad Baqir (a.s.) and upto the ninth Imam Mohammad (after Husain) who is Al-Hujjatullah Al-Qaem Imam Mahdi (a.s.) He will disappear, will have long life.

Like among believers, Hazrat Isa, Hazrat Ilyas and H.Khir were having longlife and among disbelievers. 'Dajjal' and Saamri' were having long-lives.


II Traditionists.

1) Ahmed Ibn Hanbal in his 'Musnad' and Tirmizi, Abu Dawood and Ibn Maajah in their 'Sehah' record one tradition verbation as.......Translation. "Even if a single day will remain in the tenure of this world, then Allah will raise a man from my progeny who fill this earth with fustice as it will be replete with injustice and oppression". (Is aafur-Raghebin, Nurul-Absar--134, Al-Bayan fi Akhbare - Sahabuz - zaman - 85).

2. Similarly, another oft-repeated tradition has been quoted profusely, the contents of which are. "In the last days a man will appear from my progeny, whose name will be same as as mine and his epithet will be similar to mine. He will fill this earth with equity and justice as it will be fraught with injustice and oppression". (Tazkertul-Khaowas, Sibt Ibn Jauzi-204)

3) Abu Saeed Khudri says that : 'I heard Prophet of Allah saying that : "After me there will be twelve Imams, among them ninth after Husain will be "Mahdi." (Nurul-Absar-Shablanji page 255).

4) Holy Prophet (s) said : Mahdi is from my progeny from the offspring of H.Fatema Zahra (S.A.) "(Sunan Abi Dawood-Kitabul-Mahdi, Vol-4-page. 151)

5) Holy Prophet (s) said : "Whosever denies the uprising of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) had denied each and everthing revealed upon me and as a result becomes infidel". (Faraedus-Simtain-Hamuiy).

The aforementioned traditions are authentic and explicitly regarding Hazrt Mahdi (a.s.) who will rise in the last days, who is from the progeny of Imam Husain (a.s.) and H.Fatema (s.a.). Particularly, the last traditions shows the importance of this belief viz. 'the disbelievers in this (H.Mahdi) is like disleliever in Quran and is an infidel. Although, this much is sufficient for.........i.e. men of understanding, but we for the sake of utmost satisfaction delve into the ivew points of Scholars.

III Scholars:

1) Sayed Ahmed Zaini Dahlan, the Mufti of Makka Opines on the traditions pertaining to 'Mahdi' (a.s.) that : "Such traditions are Mutawatir' (too profusely repeated), among them some are 'Sahih' (Correct), some are 'Hasan. (approved Good) and some are 'Zaif (weak)".

It is crystal clear from the statement of Mufti of Makka, that though some traditions are "weak" but still they are Mutawatir (i.e. profusely quoted). And ti is well-known to the learned-men, especially those who are expert in).....Ilme - Rejaal ' (study of narrators of traditions) that if any traditions attains the merit of "Tawatur' (continuosly & profusely repeated) then some weak traditiosn cannot effect its authenticity and we have pointed towards this fact in our various editions sufficiently.

2- In-Lumaat, Shaikh Abdul haq wrote: "The traditions regarding the existence fo H.Mahdi are abundant, from which is is clear that Mahdi (a.s.) will be from the progeny of Fatema Zahra (s.a.) (Footnote of Sahih Tirmizi vol. 2 page 46.)

3- Allam and faqihatul-Harmain, Abu Abdullah Mohammad Yusuf Al-Quraishi, Al-Ganji-Shafei has devoted one entire chapter to this subject, which is fifteenth chapter of his book, the subject is "The proof for life, existence, seclusion and remaining alive of Mahdi uptil now" and in this chapter he has propounded some in controvetrible proofs in support of his claim. (Al-Bayan - fi Akhbare - Sahibuzzaman - page, 102)

4- Aalimul - Allama - Shamsuddin Yusuf Al-Hanafi - Sibt ibn Jauzi ..... that Mahdi (a.s.) is Mohammad bin Hasan ..... bin Abi Talib (a.s.), his epithet is Abu abdullah, Abul - Qasim, he is Khalaful Hujjat, Sahebuzzaman, Qaem-al-Muntazar and last Imam (a.s.)

5- Qazi Behlul Behjat writer. "The birth of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) occured on 15th Shabaan 255 A.H., his mother was Narjis Khatun, his father expired, when he was only 5 years old". He continues..... 'he had two occultations firstly Ghaibate-Sughra (Minor Occultation) and he will remain alive until Allah permits him to re-appear and fill with tyranny and oppression." (Tarikhe-Aale MOhammad-page, 270.).

6- Shahabuddin Ibn Hajar Al-Hanafi states that Mahdi age at the time of his father's demise was 5 years. He was bestowed with wisdom and erudition. He is known by the name of Al-Qaem - Al-Muntazar. (As-Sawaequl-Mohreqa page, 124)

Apart from these scholars many other Jurists have also given their verdicts in favour of existence of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.), some of them are as below :-

1) Abu Suroor Ahmed bin Ziyaa Al - Hanfi

2) Mohammad bin Mohammad Al-Maleki

3) Yahya bin Mohammad bin Al-Hanbali

Let us now analyse the viewpoints of ancient and reliable historians regarding H.Mahdi (a.s.) in the historical perspective. So that his existence may be proved from all the angles and viewpoints.

IV. Historians:

1- Qazi Ahmed Ibn Khallakaan writes : "Abul Qasim Mohammad bin Hasan Askari ..... who according to the creed of Imamiyat is twelfth Imam, and is known by the name of Al-Hujjah. And Ibne Arzaq in his history (Mayafareqin) has also recorded the date of birth of Hazrart Mahdi (a.s.). (Wafayatul-Aajen-vol.3 page, 316.)

2- Abu Mohammad Abdullah bin Mohammad bin Al-Khashaab indites in his book of history; Mawalidul Aaimma wafyatuhum.' "He is the bearer of two names, 'Al-Khalaf and Mohammad' and he will reappear in the last days of era. A part of the cloud will always shadow him on his head. Wherever he may go this cloud will also accompany him while shadowing over-head. And a very eloquent voice will be heard from grand a very eloquent voice will be heard from grand heavens ..... that, this is Mahdi". (Al-Majalisus saniyyah vol. 5 page, 586.)

3- Historian Abdul Malik Usaami Makki while writing about H. Mahdi (a.s.) state that "Mohammad Mahdi (a.s.) son of Hasan Askari (a.s.) son of Ali Taqi (a.s.) son of.....son of Ali bin Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with all of them).

His birth took place of Friday on 15th Shabaan, 255 A.H. And this is most accurate year of birth. His mother's name was Susan or 'Nirjis'. His epithet is Abul Qasim and his agnomen are Al-Hujjah, Al-Khalafe - Saleh Al-Qaem - Al-Muntazar, Sahebuz-zaman and 'Mahdi' And among these 'Hahdi' is the most famous title".

He writes further while explaining the matter in detail regarding his personality. ....broad and sturdy shoulders, with handsome and pleasing face, beautiful hairs and broad forehead. His father expired when he was only five year old." (Samatun-Nujum-il-awaali- vol.4 page, 138).

4- Shaikh Akbar Mohyiddin Ibn Arabi in his 'Futuhaat' writes about the uprising of Mahdi (a.s.) that "He will not reappear unless the world is filled with injustice and oppression to such an extent that a single day is left in the tenure of this world. He will be from the offspring of the Prophet(s) and progeny of Fatema (s.a.) His forefather is Imam Husain (a.s.) and his father is Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.)".

From all the proofs mentioned above it is proved that the Belief in Mahdaviyat' is one of the branches of the tree of Islamic creed. Last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (s.a.w.) has explained quite many traditions in this regard, fromwhich it is proved that Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) is from the progeny of Fatema, son of Imam Hsan Askari (a.s.) and twelfth Imam, finally Prophet(s) has also mentioned about his two occultations. And Keeping the importance of belief in view, it is also explained that denying the belief is tantamount to accept infidelity.

(Kufr.) Especially those traditions of Prophet(s) which expound the concept of occultations and longevity is for the attention of those scholars whose ideology is influenced and affected by materialism and hence they have rejected this belief outrightly.


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