Aytmish El Bagassi Mosque of Egypt welcomes visitors

Aytmish El Bagassi Mosque of Egypt welcomes visitors
(Monday, May 25, 2015) 13:00

The mosque of Aytmish El Bagassi near Islamic Cairo was inaugurated after restoration

Today, the mosque of Aytmish El Bagassi in Babul Wazir district, near Islamic Cairo, was officially inaugurated after restoration.

The mosque was built by Prince Aytmish El-Bagassi, who was the regent of the Mamluk Sultan Farag Ibn Barquq.

On the northern side of the mosque's façade there is a water fountain and a Qaranic school. The entrance is decorated with foliage motives and a ribbed dome. The façade is also heavily decorated with a style typical of the late 13th century.


The facade of the mosque


During the inauguration, Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty, said that the opening of such a mosque highlights the ministry's need to preserve and protect its Islamic heritage, as well as to provide a new tourist attraction.

Eldamaty pointed out that the events hall adjacent to the mosque has also been restored because it provides services for the inhabitants of the area such as weddings and funeral ceremonies. It will host a series of cultural lectures and seminars in an attempt to raise cultural awareness for the residents of the district.

Mohamed Abdel Aziz, the assistant Minister of Antiquities' for Islamic Monuments, told Ahram Online that the mosque was like many Islamic monuments in the area because it is suffering from architectural problems. Cracks have spread all over its walls, masonry and the wooden decorative elements have been damaged.

However, Abdel Aziz explained that the walls have been consolidated and all the woodwork has been restored.


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