A Temple And A Mosque Both Fell In Lucknow

A Temple And A Mosque Both Fell In Lucknow
(Tuesday, April 28, 2015) 10:12

Lucknow saw damage to offices, homes and shops in the tremors of yesterday's Nepal earthquake, recieving a series of shocks clocked at 7.1 on the Richter Scale.

 Moments after tremors were felt across the city, Lucknowites forced themselves out of their homes and were quick to flood social media with their experiences and accounts. "EARTH QUICK" was among the first few updates, probably because of the urgency to push the button and a failed auto spell-check.

While 'how-it-felt' tweets were common, there were others looking out for information. 

Even after hours of the first tremor, people were found to be hooked on to the topic, affecting normal work at offices. Many chose to stay outdoors even as news channels listed caution messages. At one point during the conversation, #Lucknow started trending on Twitter. UP chief minister and the CMO had also started tweeting about the quake.The Ganga plains—in which Lucknow is located— act effectively as shock absorber to reduce the impact of the earthquake to a significant extent.

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